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Executive Summary

National Peer Group Comparison

Local/Regional Peer Group Comparison


Identifying your National Peer groupIdentifying your Local/Regional Peer GroupDefining and Reporting Total CompensationAging Compensation InformationDetailed Findings: Identification of National Peer Group

Detailed Findings: National Peer Group Compensation Comparison

Detailed Findings: Identification of Local/Regional Peer Group

Detailed Findings: Local/Regional Peer Group Compensation Comparison

Salary Increases: 2010 - 2012

Salary Increase Forecast: 2013

Projecting 2013 Total Compensation (Aging Forward) Compensation Issues and Trends

Market Demand for Nonprofit ExecutivesExecutive Skills that Influence CompensationPerformance Based Compensation (Bonus and Incentive Payments)Total CompensationDefinition of Terms

How to Use This Information / Interpreting the Data

Salary PlanningInternal Equity and External CompetitivenessRecruitmentRetentionReasonable Compensation: Compliance with I. R. C. 4958About Polaris Associates

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